“Hepatitis C already infects three times more people than does AIDS. It is responsible for more than one- third of all liver transplants. And by the turn of the century, it will kill far more people than AIDS each year.”

C. Everett Koop

Resource Materials on Hepatitis C

The Hepatitis Epidemic
A comprehensive source of information spanning virus charcateristics to health consequences
NIH / National Library of Medicine Resources
Medline Plus resources covering diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, and basic research
Epidemiology, diagnostic procedures, and treatment options
Disease Management
Current disease management strategies
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine resource on alternative therapies
Caring Ambassadors
Information and resources for people living with or affected by Hepatitis C
Center for Study of Hepatitis C
Research-based program to understand and treat Hepatitis C