Your First Line of Defense

All organs in your body play a critical role in maintaining your overall well-being, but the decidedly unglamorous organ - your liver, has taken on the herculean task of keeping you healthy in an increasingly toxic environment. The liver has always protected us from the noxious substances found in nature, but only recently has the liver been exposed to a multitude of toxic chemicals, and the damaging effects of rampant obesity in our affluent culture.

The liver can withstand the oxidative stress that is produced during the detoxification of these noxious substances, if adequate amounts of our natural anti-oxidants, notably glutathione, are present. If the toxin levels are excessive, or the natural anti-oxidant levels are diminshed by age, oxidative damage occurs in the liver cells that can lead to serious liver damage.

Our natural anti-oxidants can not be replenished directly, but can be augmented by natural substances that quench free radicals, regenerate glutathione, and stimulate glutathione formation. It is through these, and related actions, that liver cells are protected by orally administered liver-targetted anti-oxidants. The use of a triple anti-oxidant product with overlapping and complementary actions provides the best natural protection of liver function.

ThioGel-L Triple Antioxidant Liver Formula

The Premier Product for Effective Protection of Liver Function
Alpha Lipoic Acid - Solubilized - 200 mg
Milk Thistle (Silymarin) - 200 mg
Selenium - 70 mcg
60 softgels/ bottle

Proven Protection

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Silymarin and Selenium represent an ideal combination of agents that have demonstrated beneficial effects on the protection of liver function. Extensive research studies have confirmed the value of Alpha Lipoic Acid in protecting liver cells from toxic damage. More recent research suggests that alpha lipoic acid may play a direct role in protecting the liver from the progression to liver fibrosis.

Silymarin (Milk Thistle) has been used for centuries for its beneficial herbal properties, particularly as they relate to liver function. Exciting new research suggests that silymarin may inhibit replication of the hepatitis c virus when administered intravenously or in a solubilized oral formulation.

Selenium is one of the most highly researched antioxidants currently in widespread use. As an anti-oxidant, selenium can help protect the body from damaging effects of free radicals. Selenium may also prevent or slow tumor growth by enhancing immune cell activity.

A Physician's Perspective

My most popular antioxidant is alpha lipoic acid. Linus Pauling loved it since it recharged his vitamin C, as well as l-glutathione, vit E and vit A in their anti-oxidant work. I read Bert Berkson’s book on alpha lipoic acid and found it was one of the best things to work with clients that had liver diseases, especially hepatitis C. the combination of selenium, silymarin and thiogel in the Thiogel-L product is perfect to prevent fibrosis and formation of hepatomas when taken two or three times a day, like the Chinese studies showed. Of all the ALA products on the market, my clients test most favorably for Thiogel when doing kinesiology, and there is no better product on the market to lessen or eliminate neuropathy. That product makes me look like a hero.

I also deal with a large number of mold victims, and the Thiogel products neutralize the mycotoxins, just like Sherry Tenpenny said in her book, “Detoxify or Die”. Thank you for having something that is easily absorbed since most of the people who see me are here because of digestive issues.

Dan O. Harper, MD
San Diego

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