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Been using ThioGel-L and a few other products for the last 18 months. Usually it is hard to evaluate products like these. My blood chemistry has improved in a number of areas and I can credit the results directly to ThioGel-L. The Omniflex has been great for my back , knees and hips. Great products.

Albert S., New Jersey


These shoes feel too tight. I can feel my feet
again! Before I started taking ThioGel, this was
not the case. I had little to no feeling below the knee. After taking ThioGel my neuropathy
significantly improved. I was able to return to work which entailed standing on my feet for thebetter part of the day and now I can actually feel
when my shoes are too tight!!

Rich G/ Midland Park

I never thought this would work but it was free, so I tried it and honestly I can feel the difference in my daily routine and overall

Mark Jance / Yelp

5 stars

Monica M./Facebook