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Ethical Alternative Products represents a departure from most  traditional suppliers of nutritional supplement products.  We manufacture a limited line of innovative products that have been thoroughly researched by our scientific management and are formulated to achieve enhanced absorption, bioavailability, and cellular uptake.  The pioneering work on our proprietary MAX/Sorb Formula has yielded a solubilized formulation of alpha lipoic acid with superior pharmacokinetic properties and biological performance.  Our combination products are designed to achieve the greatest biological effect through the use of ingredients with overlapping and complementary properties, and are formulated at levels that produce the desired biological effect.

We always welcome the opportunity to respond to your inquiries.  We can be reached at 1-800-861-0492 or you can contact us by EMail from any of our websites.  We are enlightened by talking to our customers about their experience with our products and encourage you to contact us.

We wish you continued good health!

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